We believe everyone in the world deserves good love. These married couples are living proof that Whispark really helps members around the world meet someone wonderful. Let’s share their joy.

If you have found the love of life through Whispark, we’d love to hear your story.

Meet My Fate

We met on Whispark

It’s excited that I got the strong feeling for
her so I decided to meet Linda in China.
And you know what, I knew immediately
she would be my wife at the first sight.

I’m really happy to marry Linda and can’t
wait to take her back to Hawaii with me.
Thank you Whispark for bringing this such
extraordinary experience to us!

Our Stories

  • Chuck

    We've experienced a lot in our own life before we met. But we don't want to be plain. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to be our anniversary. Don't be disappointed about love, you will find the true one like us eventually.


  • Nolan

    We've been talking like friends but I can feel something different and special between us. So I decided to visit Zhijun in China. From the moment when I first saw Zhijun, I know our friendship was going to blossom into something beautiful.


  • Michael

    I haven't known much about Ukraine before I met Yaroslava. I've studied their customs and culture to having common topics with her at the beginning. I'm glad I did that, as which helps a lot to warm us up.


Sweetie Moment