When love crosses continents
Relationship Advice September, 25 2019 7867

Dating someone from a different country sounds like a bit risky, you may worry’ about that there is too much difference between you two, but actually those couples from different countries are happier than others.


Get to experience the best of both countries

Celebrating holidays and traditions from both countries allow these couples to be more open-minded and cultured. Understanding the stories behind a country’s special days is important to understanding another culture as a whole. And a quick tip for you, food is always the best world language to start exploring where your new friend comes from.


Learn a new language

This is never old but always true that dating someone from a different country is probably the best opportunity to pick up a new language. With a native support plus the motivation to become more communicable. Not only the willingness to communicate with a language partner, but this whole thing also allows higher exposure to the language, in both written or oral way.


Thinking in a whole different way

Dating someone who is from a different country brings you a whole platform to explore new ideas from somewhere new. Nice surprises may follow too like how we can revisit where we originated from and how the world perceive us. These new routines shall bring excitements and appreciations for things that would have been easily overlooked.