Be Positive in Your Profile: How to Attract More Friends in Online Dating
Dating Tips September, 25 2019 8879

Nowadays, many people begin to date online. It is no doubt that dating online help you meet more friends and obtain more chances to start a relationship. But at the same time, people may be tired about meeting too many new friends at a short time. Therefore, a good first impression increase the possibility to meet your ideal type and seize the chance to talk more and be more familiar with each other. So, how to make a good first impression on such online dating website? The key point is not your first message to her, but your positive profile.


It is not an easy thing to always stay positive. As we may have some negative friends, who may even consider themselves pessimists. Their pessimism is part of their charm and a big part of who they are. Those people maybe negative on their online dating profile. And the person they meet is likely to be negative, and lead to a not so active relationship.


For us, those of us who don’t want to be so negative in our social network, we’d better double-check our online dating profiles for negativity. You will then be surprised by how often something you write can come across as negative, and how much it can hurt your ability to attract the type person you’re looking for.


Here are two quick things to look out for:


Tell others what you want, not what your don’t want

Sometimes when you're asked to describe what you want from another person, the first thing that comes to mind is that you're not looking for something. Especially if you've just ended an unsuccessful relationship. But if you say something you don't want, you may loose the chance to meet someone you're really interested in.


Imagine: If you put “No playful please!” in your profile, doesn’t it sound, a little categorical?

We know there is no such person that is totally not playful or something else. Your profile seems to tell her that, well, we are not the same. Thus you can say in your profile, “I’m a positive person, sometimes is serious but sometimes laid-back, looking for someone who’s the same.”


Fortunately, these negative emotions are easy to spot and correct. Just check your profile and find out what you don't like or dislike about people. Then rewrite it as you really want it to be.



Don’t talk about the rough dating in your profile

Online dating, and all dating, sometimes can be rough and frustrating. It’s OK to talk a little about it in your profile, but focusing on how hard it’s been can give the wrong impression.


Don’t mention that you don’t like online dating, back luck in dating, or that you’re sick of playing games. Because others may feel the same way and it’s not the best first impression. It is a good idea to talk about the things you’re looking forward to and what you hope to get out of the experience.


Dating and life are not always perfect and happy. When things don't go well, it's OK to feel discouraged for a while. Be honest to talk about your past relationships was a way to get closer, but definitely, it is not suitable in the first impression.


So, make sure you present yourself in a positive way, and you may be surprised at how a positive profile can help you meet more positive people, and bring you a brand-new sweet relationship.